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Monday, March 17, 2014

raju raviteja profile

Who is Raju Raviteja .........??????
Every one has a big question mark on all faces when Pawan Kalyan said no one behind me only one person he is nonother than ‘ RAJU RAVITEJA ‘,Pawan Kalyan announce his name Janasena Party established day.


Raju Raviteja is Pawan Kalyan mentor,  he was working for the Praja Raajyam Party Yuvaraajyam co-president, at that time Pawan Kalyan Yuvaraajyam president, Pawan Kalyan wrote the 'ISM' book along with Raju Raviteja. Raju Raviteja native place is 'WARANGAL' Telangana district,  ISM book wiil out in 25th of march 2014,  Raju Raviteja is wonderful writer,good trainer,debetar,well thinker,he was conduct many debates in foriegn countries.

pawan kalyan janasena mentor raju raviteja

Raju Raviteja Childhood:

Raju Raviteja was born in poor family,  he was starts his carrier as function hall waiter ,then office boy to computer programmer ,age of 22nd was working as consulting person for Eurisko Consulting he was associate with 65 Educational Institute

Raju Raviteja pawan kalyan mentor

          Raju Raviteja was give  training to 1,20,000 employs of A.P.S RTC , he was provide the scripts for traditional short film, Bollywood movies also,  his writing 10 books followed by 183 schools in India, now Raju Raviteja writing books for children, youth and philosophy,1994  Eurisko Consulting and 2002 Inspire India trusts started  by Raju Raviteja.

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